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A puddle is an obstacle in Nintendogs + Cats. Many may appear when a dog goes for a walk. It can appear on any path. Upon a dog's interaction with one, he/she will get will get dirty, or even filthy, and must be cleaned. When trying to get a puppy away from a puddle tug at the leash. the dog should casualy continue on its walk after that. Puddles will only appear on your walk if you either see clouds in the sky or thick fog. they may also appear if you get a message that states this fact. Be aware when there are puddles because even the most proper dog can't resist a puddle. if you steer your dog away from a puddle you will get more trainer points in which you can buy more items, houses, and dogs. dogs will also become more well behaved if you lead them away from puddles. among the other obstacles there are fire hydrants, garbage cans, and garbage. watch out for all of them and don't let your dog near them.

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