Ocean Kirby
Ocean Kirby
Ocean Kirby

Home Planet

Aqua Star


Water, Bubble


Water Cap, Bubble Wand

Preferred Vehicle

Flying Submersible/Hovercraft

Closest Team Members

Blipper, Squishy, Parasol Waddle Dee, Crispy Kirby(Though he'll never admit it)

Ocean Kirby is a transluscent-aquamarine Kirby who hails from Aqua Star. He specializes in water-based abilities. This sparks a bit a of a rivalry between him and Crispy Kirby. That and the fact he also has a pretty big crush on Emerald Kirby. He wields a Bubble wand. He doesn't have an Air Ride Machine. Instead, Ocean Kirby gets around via a small, flying submersible/hovercraft. He knows the oceans better than anyone! Ocean Kirby's best friends on the team are Blipper, Squishy, Parasol Waddle Dee, and (though he'll never admit it) Crispy Kirby.

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