“The 64DD sat under your N64. Well, not yours — you didn't have a 64DD.”British Official Nintendo Magazine [1][2]The Nintendo 64DD (Nintendo 64 Disk Drive) was a machine that attached to a Nintendo 64 and could play games in a disc format. There were also several peripherals used for it. It was released in Japan in December 1999. It was scheduled for release in America in 2000, but it ended up being a commercial failure due to the way it was sold (only through subscription to the RanDnetDD online service), so it was never released outside Japan.

There were four Mario games released on this console, all in the Mario Artist series; there were also several cancelled Mario titles. Overall, there were only nine games released on the Nintendo 64DD, although other games planned for the console were released as Nintendo 64 cartridges instead.


[hide] *1 Mario series games
    • 1.1 Released
    • 1.2 Cancelled
  • 2 References

Mario series gamesEdit


  • Mario Artist: Communication Kit
  • Mario Artist: Talent Studio
  • Mario Artist: Paint Studio
  • Mario Artist: Polygon Studio


  • Mario Artist: Game Maker
  • Mario Artist: Graphical Message Maker
  • Mario Artist: Sound Maker
  • Mario Artist: Video Jockey Maker
  • Super Mario 64 2
  • Super Mario RPG 2 (released on the Nintendo 64 as Paper Mario)
  • Donkey Kong World, aka Ultra Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Universe. (reworked into Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64DD
intendo 64DD
Released [4] December 1, 1999
Discontinued February, 2001
Predecessor Nintendo 64
Successor Nintendo GameCube

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