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As a Wiki, we have technical and gritty cleanup to do. Now that we are an established and ever-growing wiki with tons of active contributors, here you will find certain items to keep order around here.

Continuous Maintenance

With problems such as short pages, badly-written articles and unlicensed images, maintaining order is just as important as adding articles to the database – hence, this section. You'll find many pages that need fixing – whether it's licensing, expansion or adding images. ! width="20px" |SB |align=left| Stubs: Articles that lack basic information. A stub should be at least be expanded to 350 bytes or more depending on the article.
Category:StubsClick on a given category or special page below to get started and find a page to edit which interests you.

LI Unlicensed Images: Images without one of these templates that excludes them from a sub-category of this.
AF Images without {{aboutfile}}: {{aboutfile}} is important because it shows a description and the source of an image. These are images without the {{aboutfile}} template.
CN Articles under {{construction}}: Articles that are not fully finished and need work.
Category:Articles under construction
RW Rewrite: Poorly-written articles (e.g. ridden with grammar mistakes) that need to be fixed, or articles dumped from Wikipedia that need originality here.
Normal: Category:Rewrite Requested • Expand: Category:Rewrite and Expansion Requested
IM Image requested: Articles that need at least one image to illustrate the subject. Note: The queue is severely backed up.
Category:Image requested
IQ Images with bad quality: These images are of bad quality and need to be reuploaded.
Category:Quality requested
NC No category: Articles without a category (ignore the Main Page)
UT Unresolved talk pages: Talk pages with unresolved questions.
Category:Unresolved talk pages
WP Wanted pages: Nonexistent articles that have the most red links to them. Most wanted in special page is at top.
See Special:Wantedpages
OR Orphaned: Articles that have no links from anywhere else.
See Special:Lonelypages
DE Dead-end pages: Articles that have no links to anywhere else.
See Special:Deadendpages
DR Double redirects: Redirects that lead to another redirect. Should be edited so both redirect to the same target page.
See Special:DoubleRedirects
BR Broken redirects: Redirects that lead to a nonexistent page. Article should be created or redirect fixed to target page.
See Special:BrokenRedirects
UN Unused files: All files should be used in at least one page. Some are lying around waiting to be tagged with {{delete}} as well.
See Special:Unusedimages

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