This is where users can create and join projects. Put your projects here.

Current projectsEdit

None at this time.


  1. People cannot be against a particular project; they can only support it.
  2. Projects must have at least 4 votes in support of it in order to succeed. If less than 4 votes in support of it have arrived by 2 weeks after the project was first proposed, it will be deleted.
  3. If nobody apart from the nominator votes a project by 1 week after the project was first proposed, it will be deleted.
  4. Once the fourth vote arrives, you have 1 week to launch it into a real project. If you fail to do it within this time limit, the project will be deleted.
  5. Should all members of the project become inactive for at least 1 month, it will be re-suggested, with all original supporters dropped and have to revote if they are still interested. This is the same process as when projects are first nominated, so all the above rules (except for the fourth rule, as the real project has already been launched) will apply when trying to re-launch.

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