The Martial Arts All-Stars are some of Nightmare's finest monsters, all of which, just like the 3 Color Fighters, were designed to look like toys they could play around with their enemies. They are not just skilled martial artists, but also have different colored auras and can shoot different-colored lasers.Kirby inhaled these lasers and became Fighter Kirby, afterwards taking on the martial artists one-by-one. They appear in the two-part "Snack Attack" ("Demonic ChocoCapsules" in Japan) episode, first in Part 1 as mini-figures advertised by King Dedede and then in Part 2 where they transform from their mini-figure forms to fight Kirby. In the dub, they were anonymous.

All Martial Arts All-Stars are aligned with five different types of Martial Arts. Kung Fu Lee knows Kung Fu, Boxer Dyson excels at boxing, Karate Kid masters karate, Old Taikyoku is skilled in tai-chi, and Yankee Sekitori is an expert at sumo wrestling. Yankee is also shown to fight with his hands, although in traditional sumo wrestling, sumo wrestlers aren't allowed to use their hands.
250px-Martial Arts Masters

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