For the television series, see Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


A variation of the current logo for the Kirby series

Genres Platform
Developers HAL Laboratory
Publishers Nintendo
Creators Masahiro Sakurai
Original release April 27, 1992
Official website

The Kirby (星のカービィ Hoshi no Kābī?, lit. "Kirby of the Stars") series is a fantasy video game series developed by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and produced by Nintendo. The gameplay of a majority of the games in the series consists mainly of action, platform and puzzle-solving elements. The series is known for its bright and artistic settings; simplistic gameplay; cute characters; upbeat, cheerful music; and the protagonist's in-game ability to inhale enemies, thereby gaining a characteristic ability from them. As of December 2011, the Kirby series includes a total of twenty games, and has sold over 30 million units worldwide.

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