Grape Kirby
Grape Kirby
*Fanon character made by Random Waddle Dee Fan/J-Yoshi64

Home Planet

Grass Planet Floria




No cap

Air Ride Machine

Slick Star

Closest Team Members

Laser Ball, Rocky, Parasol Waddle Dee

Grape Kirby is a purple member of Team Kirby from the Grass Planet Floria. He more specifically lives in Celestial Valley. He specializes in Magic attacks and knows how to conjure up certain spells to his advantage. These spells can do anything from rendering him and his team temporarily undetectable by any form of technology to simply healing a wounded animal. Grape Kirby never abuses his abilities, and dislikes the idea of using them for personal gain or causing mischief (the latter of which is why he refuses to train Cheri Kirby in using magic). Grape Kirby's favorable Air Ride machine is the Slick Star. When his machine is unavailable at the time, he travels by teleporting short distances in a puff of sparkly smoke. Grape Kirby often enjoys passing time by looking at the sky. Whether it be identifying cloud shapes by day or stargazing by night, he'll be lying on the mossy ground of Celestial Valley staring at the sky. It often helps him think. But he has yet to think as hard as his friend Rocky. Laser Ball and Parasol Waddle Dee are Grape Kirby's other two close friends on the team.

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