Gold Waddle Dee is a gold-colored Waddle Dee that runs away when it spots Kirby in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

If it is inhaled or defeated before it escapes, it drops a treasure chest. If it is attacked with the Bubble ability, it will turn into a bubble containing a star, and a treasure chest will be dropped in the same place. When Kirby opens the treasure chest, the chest always contains a piece of the Secret Map. Kirby must often solve some sort of puzzle to trap it or race to catch it before it falls off a cliff and gets away.

In Kirby Mass Attack, a Gold Waddle Dee appears in stage 6 ofDedede Resort. Defeating the Gold Waddle Dee and clearing the stage accomplishes the "Gold Thrasher" task on the Checklist. It is also one of the items which can be fished out of the water in the fishing sub-game during the end credits.


KSqSq Gold Waddle Dee sprite

  • There are unused swimming sprites of Gold Waddle Dee for Kirby: Squeak Squad, which means that at some point in production, Kirby would have to outswim it to get the treasure chest. This would not technically make sense, as a Waddle Dee drowns in water.
  • In Helper to Hero from Kirby Super Star Ultra, the P1 Parasol Waddle Dee has a appearance similar to that of a Gold Waddle Dee, albeit a duller gold.
  • A similar-looking enemy appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, called Carry Dee. It carries a key instead of a treasure chest, and it runs quickly, just like a Gold Waddle Dee.



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