Emerald Kirby
Emerald Kirby
*character made by Random Waddle Dee Fan

Home Planet

Grass Planet Floria


Leaf, Ninja, Fighter, Suplex, Throw


Leaf Cap

Air Ride Machine

Swerve Star

Closest Team Members

Bio Spark, Waddle Doo, Parasol Waddle Dee

Emerald Kirby, as her name states, is an emerald-colored Kirby. She is the guardian of the forest. Emerald Kirby is expert at every type of martial arts in the book. She is swift, graceful, strong-willed, and stealthy. Beyond these attributes, however, is her gentle and kind-hearted personality. Her weapons are made of an extremely hard wood given to her by a very wise tree. Emerald Kirby's home planet is the Grass Planet Floria. Her home on Pop Star is Beanstalk Park. Being the only tolerable female Kirby on the team, she often finds herself surrounded by some of the team's guys, who try to win over her affection. The two that appeal to her, and fight over her, the most are Crispy Kirby and Ocean Kirby, although others, such as Electric-Lime Kirby and even a few helpers, also have feelings for her. But the one Emerald likes the most, aside from her best friend Bio Spark, is Parasol Waddle Dee, and even, though to an extremely small extent, Extra-Crispy Kirby! Speaking of the orange Kirby, Emerald Kirby is one of the only five members of the team who don't tease him. The others are Bio Spark, Waddle Doo, Parasol Waddle Dee, and Bugzzy. Emerald Kirby thinks that the way Extra-Crispy Kirby's mind works is kind of cute. Emerald Kirby rides the Swerve Star. She says it helps her Ninja skills by training in dodging at the correct time. One would probably see her wearing the crown for the recent leaf ability. Her best friends are Bio Spark, Waddle Doo, and Parasol Waddle Dee.

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