Boulders is the 4th level of Crash Bandicoot. It is notable as the first "chase" style level, in which Crash must outrun something that is chasing him.


Throughout the course of the level, Crash must run away from several large spherical boulders. If he is too slow, he will be crushed. Each boulder starts rolling from the top of a bridge-like tunnel. It is stopped either by smashing into the wall of the next tunnel along the way or by plunging down a hole. There are several wooden obstacles along the way which will slow Crash down if he runs into them.

The level is extremely linear, however the camera is pointing towards Crash's front-side throughout. Players must run toward the screen, an unusual departure from the first three levels. This seems to be acknowledged by Naughty Dog, as players are pointed in this new direction at the start of the level by an arrow made of Wumpa Fruit. The camera angle means that players can not see what obstacles lay ahead of them until the last second, giving them little time to react. Following Wumpa Fruit will make sure Crash avoids the wooden obstacles however


If all 16 crates are broken and the level is completed without dying, you will be awarded a clear gem. Crates cannot be smashed by the boulder, as it bounces over them.


Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, X, X,

X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, X,

Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle

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