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These funky fish wear goggles. Is it fashion? Come on, they're fish.”
Blipper's Cast Description •Kirby's Epic Yarn

Blipper is a fish-like enemy that wears goggles and appears in most of Kirby's games. Blippers are similar to Waddle Dee on land - very common, very weak enemies, but just happen to be underwater instead. Some just swim around back and forth, some try to chase Kirby, and others will jump out of the water in an attempt to hit him. Being fish, Blippers just flop around helplessly if they end up on land. Just like Waddle Dees, there are small variations and larger variations.

Other GamesEdit

Blipper appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of the stickers players can earn. The Blipper sticker raises a character's swim time by 20 allowing them to swim for longer periods without drowning. It uses Blipper's design from Kirby: Squeak Squad. In Kirby Mass Attack, Electro Blipper exist. These are capable of producing electric shocks.


  • n Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Blipper's actual eyes can be seen behind its translucent swimming goggles. Kirby GCN was slated to show this as well, but it never saw release.
  • While Electro Blippers appear in Kirby Mass Attack, there are also unused sprites for the normal variation of Blipper; its sprites indicate that it would attack by chewing up a Kirby and spitting it out.


185px-Blipper Kirby Wii


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