The Augmented Reality Games, or AR Games, as they are more commonly known, are built-in software on the Nintendo 3DS that use the Question Block AR Card and/or the five Character Cards (these feature famous Nintendo characters: Mario, Toon Link, Kirby, Samus, and a group of Pikmin). When activating the feature, a yellow cube emerges from the card, and a targeting reticule appears on the screen. Using the 3DS's gyroscope, players must shoot this cube, which causes it to jump in the air. A second later, this cube is replaced by six others, each of which opening an AR Game when shot: Graffiti, Star Pics, Mii Pics, Fishing, Shooting (Archery in North America), and AR Shot (though only Shooting is available when the software is opened for the first time). After using these for a period of time, a blue box appears in the bottom-right section of the main menu. Shooting it flips the surface that the AR Card is on to reveal seven more blue boxes: Clock, Globe, 3D Tools, Fish Gallery, Free Fishing, Shooting 2, and AR Shot 2, all of which can be unlocked for one to three Play Coin

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